Weight camps for adults

20-Jun-2017 17:02

Unlike fat camps, boot camps or traditional weight loss camps, Wellspring Camps’ scientific approach to weight loss is giving boys and girls ranging from ages 10 to 26 the inspiration, education and tools to change their lifestyle for the better.In fact, 70% of Wellspring Camps’ participants achieve significant weight loss results during their camp experience and continue to successfully maintain a healthy weight for the long-term.There are also health coaches that plan Diabetes Retreats at expensive all-inclusive resorts.With all of the camps and retreats out there, you should be able to find the right program for you.You need to be monitored until you stabilize the changes.Knowing that retreats can get expensive, think about why you need to attend a retreat.At the same time, retreat staff will not want you to have episodes of low blood sugar as a result of increased exercise, less carbohydrate intake, and decreased insulin needs or resistance.This is why having a medical professional at a retreat is so important.

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You can learn more about Camp Pocono trails by visiting their website, watching their video, or calling them at 1-800-365-0556.

Where you end up is likely to depend on your finances, and whether or not you want to spend the kind of money it takes to attend a Diabetes Retreat in a resort-type setting.

Would you rather have a less expensive, back to nature experience?

The scientific, multi-disciplinary Wellspring Plan teaches children, young adults & families struggling with weight issues the skills needed to live a healthy lifestyle.

Wellspring offers families and participants sustainable options for maintaining their new healthy habits at home.All of us at Wellspring Camps wish you a most happy and successful summer.