Wechat hot stickers rapid dating and networking

25-Nov-2017 01:29

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I’ll look at some of the numbers behind We Chat, what it is primarily used for, the diverse ways it can be used and I’ll also look at its marketing potential.We Chat by numbers We Chat is created by Tencent a Chinese Internet company.This feature would be brilliant for exchanging contact information with a number of people at a conference or trade show for example.The most recent update of We Chat also let users connect their Linked In account to We Chat making the app into more professional territory.

These accounts can be companies, brands, bars, nightclubs, hotels or publications.

The services include mobile top up, a wealth section, ordering a taxi through your phone, buy movie tickets, split a bill, special deals exclusive to We Chat users on Tencent’s B2C online store, buying coins to play QQ games and giving friends and family ‘Hong Bao’.