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Blandt andet derfor er der endnu ingen, der har bygget en kvantecomputer, som for alvor kan give almindelige computere baghjul.Men nu har forskere fra Center For Quantum Devices (QDev) på Niels Bohr Institutet ved Københavns Universitet fundet ud af, hvordan man kan gøre kvantebit mere robuste.“We’ve gone next to a Black Eagle and a Synesso and pulled similar shots, but it’s too early to tell, for me, whether we really can replicate those machines,” said Buckman. I don’t want to claim that we can do everything they can, I admire those machines too much.” Apart from its technological breakthroughs, the Decent offers a material appeal as well.Users need never interact with anything plastic; the Portafilter handle is made of wood, and both its drips tray and its reservoir are hearty cast ceramic.It operates impressively quietly, and occupies an equivalent footprint to any other kitchen countertop machine.Meanwhile the DE1 Pro model boasts beefed-up hardware, a plumb-in option, higher wattage for faster steam and additional internal fans for greater longevity of its electronics, raising the specs to what Buckman contends is true commercial capability and fortitude.

While the inner workings and algorithms at play under the hood of the Decent machine are too complex for full explanation here, much of its magic is fostered by hardware that includes two pumps, two thermocoil heaters, two sensors embedded in the “ceiling” of the brew chamber over the bed of ground coffee, and a whole lot of mind-bending digital computation.

Of those two sensors, one detects temperature, the other is an electronic pressure gauge.

Data from the group pressure sensor in combination with readings from a flow meter at the pump are what allow the machine to interpret when preinfusion has maxed out.

Nothing better than having a computer technology assist you when pulling a great shot of espresso.

John Buckman, co-designer of the Decent Espresso machine that’s currently in production and on track for delivery in early 2017, is sensitive to his company’s position as a newcomer in an industry where reputation counts for a lot.

Her en nanotråden (grøn) belagt med et tynd lag aluminium (blåt) forbundet til elektroder, som gør det muligt for fysikerne at måle på Majorana-tilstandene i den. (Billede: Nature) En kvantecomputer kan løse visse former for beregninger langt hurtigere end almindelige computere.