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09-Oct-2017 10:10

It can even replicate many of the droid’s most famous scenes, including falling over after being shot by a team of Jawas.

— I have a soft spot for lightsabers, so when I heard that Lenovo and Disney were teaming up for an augmented reality headset that would let owners participate in a duel, I was intrigued.

ANOVOS is one of a handful of companies that have moved into the high-end costuming space, providing accurate, wearable costumes and helmets.

The company has announced a pair of new helmets from These are expected to ship sometime this fall, but you can preorder them with a 15 percent discount through the Force Friday weekend. The Praetorian Guard is made of fiberglass, with a list price of 0, while the Executioner helmet is constructed from injection-molded ABS plastic, and goes for 5.

— Last year, Hasbro produced a really fantastic Black Series Stormtrooper helmet, and it’s following it up this year with one for Oscar Isaac’s Poe Dameron.

It’s actually a three-day promotion, with retailers around the globe now selling new action figures, toys, and other tie-ins connected with the franchise.was the Sphero BB-8, a smartphone-controlled version of the adorable, quirky droid.