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They can be impatient and can lose steam if something becomes tedious or boring.

They’re gung-ho about diving into something new and fresh but not so good about tying up loose ends.

It also tells you where each of the planets in your natal chart fall (which house the fall in and which house they rule).

As you can imagine, having this information is critical for getting the full picture as far as not only who you are information about your relationships, career, finances, family, health and so on.

It sets up the rest of the astrological house structure — the 12 sectors that correlate to important life areas — and determine where the planets and other points fall in a natal chart.

This is why knowing the exact moment of birth is so important to astrologers.

They can be infinitely patient and willing to bide their time rather than rushing in head first. They enjoy savoring experiences with all five senses.

They’re generally cool, calm and collected, but when they get mad, watch out! They can also be stubborn, possessive and resistant to change.

Even weekly horoscopes and monthly forecasts are written more from the perspective of rising signs than Sun signs. Or use the table below for for an approximate representation based on the 12 Sun signs.They’re drawn to that which is new and exciting — anything that challenges them to push past their fears.

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