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14-Jun-2017 19:13

Kids growing up now need to be aware of different dangers, ones involving formation of long-term relationships, questions about online identity, and trust.

I wasn't able to find any reliable statistics on how often children are victimized using the internet.

One student reported: If kids know not to give out their personal information, and what could happen if they do, then there is really no danger.

I would feel like I was missing out on a lot if I didn't have the opportunities to communicate online.

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But I wonder how effectively government will be able to help alleviate the problem.

It gives me a chance to stay in touch with my current friends, make new friends, meet interesting people, and find a group where I feel like I belong.

I chat to other people almost every night, or whenever I get the chance to.

The witnesses were Katie Tarbox, who in 1995, at age 13, had been inadequately briefed on the "rules of the net" and disasterously agreed to meet a child predator she'd chatted with online; two local law enforcement personnel, John Karraker and Jim Gregart; Ruben Rodriguez, the Director of the Exploited Child Unit for the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children; Caroline Curtin, the Director of Children's Policy for AOL; and Kathleen Tucker, the Director of Curriculum Development for I-Safe America.

Everyone was concerned about keeping children safe online.The types who would fall prey to an online creep would just as easily be a victim to a creep in real life...