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Whether sentence excessive - whether sufficient weight given to appellant's youth - parity. Sentence appeal allowed: resentenced to 20y with NPP of 16y.LYKOURAS, Paul - CCA, 4.2.2005Sully, Hidden & Howie JJCitation: R v Lykouras [2005] NSWCCA 8Application for leave to appeal against interlocutory order granting leave to the Crown to amend an indictment under s.20 of the Criminal Procedure Act; and Crown appeal against order for separate trials.Keep pushing forward and accept all of the symptoms that you experience without freaking out.Engaging in healthy activities like socializing, exercising, eating healthy foods, and staying busy will help you make it through this difficult time.At the time of the collision, the accused was under the influence of morphine & cannabis.The accused was committed for trial to the DC on an indictment containing a single count under s.52A(3)(a).His conviction was subsequently quashed & a new trial ordered.It was proposed by the Crown to try the appellant & the co-offender jointly.

He & a co-offender met with the deceased, who was supposedly going to sell guns & ammunition to them. The co-offender was found guilty of the murder of the deceased & was sentenced to 13y 35w with a NPP of 10y 9w.

It depends on body chemistry, degree of abuse, and other factors like whether you were using the drug to cover up some other problem.

Although some zoo animals had been breeding and raising young, it was not understood why some species did so successfully while others did not.… continue reading »

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