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Scholars have found references in the historical record to the fact that there were books aboard the vessels in Blackbeard’s fleet, but no specific titles were mentioned.

The newly discovered paper fragments offer the first-known clue to the pirates' reading habits.

To read about another recent discovery in China, go to “Underground Party.” HAMILTON, CANADA—Hendrik Poinar of Mc Master University and Edward Holmes of the University of Sydney led an international team of scientists who have sequenced the complete genome of a strain of hepatitis B dating back hundreds of years, according to a report in .

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“The systems built by the local agropastoralists were oriented towards conservation and efficiency,” Li explained.

The test results suggest she may have suffered from Gianotti-Crosti syndrome, a rare childhood disease that can follow hepatitis B infection.

“That’s a rash that breaks out extensively on children and it can cause death,” Poinar said.

Printed text was discerned on a few of the scraps, the largest of which measures about the size of a quarter.

Researchers determined the paper came from a 1712 first edition of the book , two ships that sailed from Bristol, England, in 1708 under the command of Captain Woodes Rogers.

Archaeologist Iris del Rocio Hernandez Bautista explained that the flow of water to the pond could have been controlled through nearby springs in order to control its visual effects.

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