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18-Jun-2017 10:05

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At a certain point, the process of loading the new application into the Spark Fun module became annoying because it means that you have to disconnect the module from the logo, connect it to the computer, flash the firmware and re-connect the module to the logo.So, we decided to add an over-the-air update mechanism.Is there any difference between the end result of downloading through Itunes ?I understand that ITunes downloads the whole build, but does it make any difference?

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The most common problems are: Battery life, Wi/Fi Problem, Blue Tooth Issue, or Software Bug.PERFORMENCE Using i Tunes The full update is likely to be more stable There the possibility of minus glitches EXPLICATION i Tunes always downloads the full OS and installs it.OTA only downloads the changes since the last update.Well the big notice difference as you mention above is Starting with OTA/ Over the Air For some people who are confuse OTA and Over the Air means the same thing.

FILE size The OTA updates provides a delta update only while i Tunes provided the whole build.

The only way I would ever choose i Tunes is if my experience with using over-the-air updates had had an issue but honestly, I haven't had a single one and I've been using i OS since 2012.

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