Goran visnjic dating

16-Dec-2017 22:12

He studied in the Academy of Dramatic Art in Zagreb that taught him his acting skills.

He replaced George Clooney in the show and portrayed the role of Luka Kovac until the show’s 14th season.Goran Visnjic is a Croatian born American actor, known bets for his appearances in several British and American films and television productions.In the United States, he has been noted for his role as Dr Luka Kovac on the NBC medical drama ER.I want everyone to understand what I am talking about, like 'peritoneal lavage', you know, these medical expressions...

I don't want to lose my accent, I just want it to become smaller.Born in Sibenik, SR Croatia, to parents Zeljko and mother Milka, this actor was interested in acting since a very small age and thus appeared in several plays as a child. He appeared as Ustasa in the highly controversial film of Yugoslavia, named Braca po materi.

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