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14-Sep-2017 12:49

If your date seems a bit shy, then try to break the ice by sharing something interesting about yourself that he/she will find amusing or ask THEM something that you’re curious about such as the things they like to do for fun. How about talking about their bucket list and comparing notes?Speaking about work can be a touchy subject for some people especially if they don’t enjoy the work they do.An after work or dinner coffee date allows you to go in and out and gives you the chance to meet face to face without the pressure or awkwardness by stating and knowing in advance the amount of time that you have.Allow yourself at least a half hour but stick to a strict time frame if you wind up meeting someone who you are not compatible or attracted to.

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Understand what appropriate 1st date conversation is. If you catch yourself doing all the talking, be sure to ASK a question.

There was a reason that you decided this person was worth the time to get to know face to face.

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