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David X Dating #1 Direct Dating & Inner Game Coach Frustrated with Women ?What to Attract Women and be the attractive man a woman want's then checkout David X Skype Coaching.


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But from interviews and other material online, it seems like the David X method is a hybrid of self-confidence building, shifting priorities, and basic psychology.

The book and the seminar are the two products David X pushes the hardest–massive seminars given all over the world on topics like “How to Make Women Chase You” and “How to Distinguish Yourself from Other Men.” David X on Youtube You can hear a ton of David X interviews online, both at David and on Youtube.

You won’t learn David X’s entire method this way, but if you’re considering attending his seminar and need some encouragement, check out interviews like this one with Charming

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David X uses very low-level psychological tactics to teach men how to put women “in their place.” As David X says, “When you order from Starbuck’s you don’t give two shits what the person behind the counter thinks of your order,” and similarly, you shouldn’t care what a woman thinks about you or your desires. Spit game at a thousand women and you’re bound to go to bed with a few dozen of them.