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And remember: If you’re in one of these relationships, it means you’re off the market for an available relationship making you unavailable yourself.Being available to an unavailable isn’t the same as being available – it’s like putting a cap on yourself and limiting your options.Mr James founded in 2001 and began working on it full time in 2003.The goal of the site is to help consumers save money with online and in-store coupons, the father of three children said.

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Secret Relationships – This relationship is on the down low for whatever reason but often includes issues with race, religion, and family.They’re the combination of illusions and denial, but fantasy relationships also include virtual relationships and anything where because of distanced contact– this includes when you get hijacked by your feelings and then project them onto the person and assume there’s more between you than there is, and getting carried away with online relationships that don’t translate into offline at all or are mostly conducted through words instead of human interaction.

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