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22-Sep-2017 17:48

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Roy Matagora and Frank Lindsay, the plaintiffs in the suit, charge that they’ve not only been attacked as result of similar incomplete information on their profiles, but that it’s also made it incredibly difficult for them to find housing or employment.

Mark Mc Bride, a defense attorney and certified criminal law specialist in California, believes the approach of drawing a direct line between the attacks and the database is a unique one.

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Search for birth records recorded in the State of California between 19.

“They never even bothered to reply to our letter,” Bellucci said.

“At that point they were three years late, now they’re five years late, and it was just the time to take action.” A department spokeswoman didn’t return multiple requests for comment on the suit’s claims.

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These resources are available to California state government officials and employees and to all visitors in our reading rooms.“They’ve haven’t been doing what they should be doing for so long that it’s hard to be optimistic that they’re going to, all of a sudden, wake up and say ‘Wow, we should do the right thing,’” Bellucci said.

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